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General Email

Mailing Address

Cadet’s Name
(Cadet First/Last Name)
Platoon #
Washington Youth Academy
1207 Carver Street
Bremerton, Washington 98312

School Fax Numbers

General Fax Number: (360) 473-2623

Academic Fax Number: (360) 473-2650

Medical Fax Number: (360) 473-2639

Washington Youth Academy Staff (360) 473-2609

Outreach, Admissions & Logistics

Elizabeth Bergmann Recruiting and Admissions Specialist (360) 473-2615
Kelly Ingalls Recruiting and Admissions Specialist


Sue Kitchel Recruiting, Placement and Mentoring Coordinator

(360) 473-2611

Kendra Galloway Recruiting, Placement and Mentoring Team Leader (360) 473-2614
Elaine Lacy 1st PLT Case Manager (360) 473-2618
Noah Johnson 1st PLT Case Manager (360) 473-2619
Jeffrey Wagner 2nd PLT Case Manager (360) 473-2616
Darwin Wiggins 2nd PLT Case Manager (360) 473-2620
Jamila Larson 3rd PLT Case Manager (360) 473-2423
Spenser Parsley 3rd PLT Case Manager (360) 473-2629
Koene Pruim IT (360) 473-2635
Karl Case Business Manager (360) 473-2610
Mary Moss/Lynn Wagner Procurement/Logistics (360) 473-2605


Christopher Acuña  Commandant

(360) 473-2632

Patrick Cruz Programs Officer 360) 473-2637
Darrell Stoops 1st PLT Supervisor (360) 473-2641
Steve Wood 2nd PLT Supervisor (360) 473-2637
Dwayne Johnson 3rd PLT Supervisor (360) 473-2627
Andrew Burt Training Coordinator (360) 473-2613
Jennifer Sargeant 1st PLT Team Lead (360) 473-2628
Matthew Andrews
Darree Miller 1st PLT Team Member
Kaitlyn Ehlert
Randy Grodi
Kah Tan
Nathan Borka
Curtis Williams
Pualani Borja
Robert Gray
Rod Elmore
Clyde Dean 2nd PLT Team Lead (360) 473-2638
Michelle Rauback
Felicia Vierra 2nd PLT Team Member
Ashley Ramshaw
Jeffrey Wagner
Andres Acoba
Clarence Watkins
Marvin Jackson
Victor Cenit
Ayesha Willis 3rd PLT Team Lead (360) 473-2640
Kevin Lyter
Jayton Villagomez 3rd PLT Team Member
Abel Rodriguez
Michael Porter
Filipinas Benitez
Raybon Smith
Michael Carlson
Oscar Holt
Kristina Maxwell
Benjamin Mulkey

School Teachers

Kristen Morga Principal (360) 473-2602
Terri Walker Education Liaison/Program Coordinator
Don Evans CTE Teacher
Brandon Sternod English Teacher
Richard Burleson Math Teacher
Jonathan Lundberg Science Teacher
Cal Glomstad Current World Events Teacher
Christie Capps Study Skills Teacher
Jim Berg Intervention Teacher
Diane Morrill Registrar (360) 473-2657

Guidance Counselors

Tod Hall Lead Guidance Counselor (360) 473-2630
Colette Lyons Guidance Counselor (360) 473-2631
Anthony Abastilla Guidance Counselor (360) 473-2480
Wylecia Johnson Guidance Counselor (360) 473-2624


Melissa Wells LPN (360) 473-2634
Lynette Storey, Annette Evans
& Elaine Johnson
Medical Assistant (360) 473-2633


Arnel Valdez Head Cook (360) 473-2624
John Nye Cook
Darwin Tiller
Rochelle Baston
Jody Ann Adriano


Larry Pierce    Director    (360) 473-2612
Amy Steinhilber    Deputy Director    (360) 473-2621
Hollie Stark    Administrative Assistant    (360) 473-2609
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