Training and Exercise

The Washington Military Department is committed to its goal of minimizing the impact of disasters on our communities, property, economy and environment in Washington state. That means leading a comprehensive Training and Exercise program to ensure our first responders, emergency managers, government leaders, non-governmental partners, and private citizens have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform key tasks when a disaster strikes.

Training and Exercise Plan

The Washington State Training and Exercise Plan 2018-2020 (TEP) provides a roadmap for Washington to follow in accomplishing the priorities described in the Washington Statewide All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness Strategic Plan; as part of the State Preparedness System; and in alignment with Presidential Preparedness Directive 8 (PPD-8).

Included in the TEP 2018-2020 are the Training and Exercise forecasts, which provide a graphic illustration of the proposed activities, forecasted for the calendar years 2018-2020. It is representative of the natural progression of training and exercises that take place in accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Progressive Exercise Cycle approach.

After Action Reports

In June 2016, our agency helped lead efforts around the state as part of Cascadia Rising. This is the 2016 Cascadia Rising After Action Report.

Training Class Downloads

The student manuals below are large files and may not open properly in a browser using a plug-in. If you accidentally click on the links, it may stall out or not download fast enough based on your internet settings and speeds. You should right click on either link and then save the files to your desktop or an appropriate folder and then, once completely downloaded, open the files.

ICS-300 Student Manual Complete (Revised Oct. 2013) (PDF)

ICS-400 Student Manual Complete (Revised Oct. 2013) (PDF)

G-557 Rapid Needs Assessment Student Manual Complete (Revised Oct. 2013) (PDF)

G-191 ICS-EOC Interface Workshop Student Manual Complete (Revised Oct. 2013) (PDF)

For information on ICS and Position-Specific courses contact:

Justin Fordice, State Training Supervisor / State Training Officer
Phone: (253) 512-7056

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