Yellow Ribbon

The Washington National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program is a state level program supported by the Warrior, Family Programs and Veterans Services Support Directorate (JSS). It uses a flexible family support system to reach those requiring assistance.

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a valuable part of keeping the Washington National Guard (WNG) force ready and prepared for anything. This program enables the WNG to welcome home Service Members and assist them, as well as their families, friends and employers, with the transitional issues that accompany any deployment or separation. The program begins from the time the unit receives the alert order and continues throughout the transition period returning home.

There are pre, during and post YRRP events that make up this phenomenal program.

Pre events help families and Service Members prepare for the road ahead.

The “during events” help the families through daily struggles and the anticipation of the return home. The “during events” for the Service Member are the responsibility of the commander while in country to provide tools and support to all the Service Members.

The “post events” consist of 30 and 60 day events to help ease the transition home. There are resources offered from the community, the Veteran’s Affairs Organizations, and educational seminars to help with marital and single readjustment, substance abuse, anger, stress and many more. Child care and youth programming is provided at these events.

The commitment of the Yellow Ribbon Program is to provide sufficient information, services, referral and proactive outreach opportunities for soldiers and airman, family members and employers throughout the entire deployment cycle. It has partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government agencies to enhance the care and service of members and their families both at the national and local level.

The Yellow Ribbon Program offers education on topics such as family counseling, single soldier, VA support, Military One Source, Tri-Care, Veteran Centers, financial planning, military life consulting, day care, hotline information, community outreach, traumatic brain injuries, family care plans, and job fairs.

The program continuously hosts pre-alert, pre-deployment, deployment, post deployment and reconstitution classes to introduce and review helpful information to both the deploying member and family.

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