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Washington Guard Aviators receive training and evaluation in preparation...

03.06.19 — With wildfires becoming a more common summer occurrence, aviators with the Washington National Guard are already starting their annual water bucket and wildland fire training. Read More »

Washington Air National Guard leads first-ever cyberspace exercise during...

02.28.19 — In today's battlefield, the fight in the digital and cyberspace domain is just as crucial as that on the front lines. Read More »

Washington National Guard photographer hones skills at Exercise Cobra Gold

02.28.19 — We rely on the photographic skills of public affairs specialists to capture compelling moments to aid in telling the story of the U.S. military and its allies. Read More »

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What if we had earthquake early warning during the Nisqually earthquake?

We could have had a 12-second warning if Earthquake Early Warning had been in place Read More »

VA’s Airborne Hazards & Open Burn Pit Registry

For many years, we have been sending out brave men and women to the Middle East with many being exposed to burn pits and other airborne contaminants. If you are one of these or know someone who is, please have them register with the VA's new Burn Pit Registry. There is still so much to learn about the lasting effects of this exposure and the only way to really know if to have as many as can participate. Whether you don't feel any lasting affect or have had some re-occurring cough or breathing/health issues, your participation is important. No matter your health status, if you served in the Gulf, please check this out.

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