Infrastructure Resilience Sub-Committee (IRSC)

The IRSC meets once a quarter to discuss issues and programs that support infrastructure resilience statewide and reports these discussions to the Governor’s Emergency Management Council (EMC). The IRSC is attended by federal, state and local government representatives as well as both public and private organizations who own or are responsible for infrastructure within the state of Washington. The IRSC is concerned with any infrastructure issues that fall under one of the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The IRSC is a public private partnership for information sharing, collaborating and developing approaches to a wide range of hazards to critical infrastructures within Washington State. The IRSC is not a decision-making body for allocation of emergency resources, and does not receive funding.


2018 Meetings

2017 Meeting Minutes

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For more information on the IRSC, contact:

Tristan Allen | Infrastructure Program Manager | | (253) 512-7054

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